Revenue Share Calculator

Overview and History of the eXp Calculator

When eXp first started the revenue share calculator was publicly available. It was widely used and very useful. However, the official calculator is no longer available to anyone; there are unofficial, unsanctioned calculators floating around the web. In general, the calculators have been removed because they were often misunderstood and unintentionally misrepresented. Below is the chart outlining the revenue tiers.

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Tier 1 n/a 3.50% 1+ FLA
Tier 2 0.20% 3.80% 5+ FLA
Tier 3 0.10% 2.40% 10+ FLA
Tier 4 0.10% 1.40% 15+ FLQA
Tier 5 0.10% 0.90% 20+ FLQA
Tier 6 0.50% 2.00% 25+ FLQA
Tier 7 0.50% 4.50% 40+ FLQA

AGCI - Adjusted Gross Commission Income

FLA - Front Line Active

FLQA - Front Line Qualifying Active

eXp explained official presentation

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