eXp Realty vs. Keller Williams Realty

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Gary Keller is a real estate visionary and his vision changed the landscape of real estate.  The culture was created to create a sense of cooperation between brokers and agents that simply does not exist in a more traditional brokerage.  The shared goal is to make an office or regional center profitable and then share the profits.

In the end there are 4 factors at play in a real estate office which drive change.  KW attempted to address these factors.

  1. Technology
  2. Splits and compensation
  3. Intra-office agent dynamics and relationships
  4. The consumer

KW attracted agents who were ready to look beyond the traditional brokerage model for something else. eXp Realty is the next iteration.

Glenn Sanford's Story

eXp owes is roots to Keller Williams.  The founder of eXp Realty was a top producer in the Keller Williams system.  Glenn's story is well documented and he thrived at KW.  He also knew the shortcomings and being a savvy businessman, saw an opportunity on how he could improve on the system and he acted on his idea.  eXp Realty was born. 

This video outlines why Glenn founded eXp Realty and outlines his relationship with Keller.  


Kaila Lindsey, Mega Agent in Charlotte, NC

Hear from a former KW agent on her move to eXp from KW.

David Harbour Interviews Ian Marshall

Ian Marshall, Atlanta state broker, is interviewed by David Harbour on why he left Keller and joint eXp Realty.  Ian had a 168 people in his downline at KW but decided eXp was for him.  (This is an early generation video.)

In 2011 David Harbour (former offensive lineman with the Washington Redskins and London Monarchs) left RE/MAX after a "Hall of Fame" career and joined eXp.   David is also in RE/MAX's "Hall of Fame" for agents. He is an early adopter and is an active contributor at eXp.  He also happens to be a digital guru.  


Gene Frederick's Story

In early 2015, Gene Frederick, a top producer with KW in Texas and an ownership interest in Northern California, left KW and joined eXp Realty.  The video is not professionally done but outlines Gene's background as a top recruiter in the Keller franchise in the nation and his other achievements in the real estate vertical.  Obviously Gene did his due diligence prior to making a move this big.  Gene is a visionary and sees the writing on the wall that eXp represents the future model of real estate.


The list keeps growing as Keller agents realize the new model is their future.

Aside from videos and testimonials from some Keller Williams agents you will want further evidence on why you should join eXp Realty.  We have videos outlining the financial reasons and other testimonials from agents who have made the switch.  A primary factor is the difference between revenue sharing and profit sharing.  That is key!  Contact me today to discuss the reasons I joined eXp Realty and I'll also share some other relevant videos and info at the same time.

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