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How EXP Realty Revenue Share Works in a Nutshell

Rev Share

eXp Realty offers some great tools and the necessary support to implement those tools.  However, along with all the lead generation tools and generous commission splits that eXp Realty offers, the differentiation factor that makes our company stand out from other real estate brokerages is our well conceived and executed eXp revenue share program.

How it Works

Glenn Sanford, CEO and Founder of eXp Realty, along with his team, made the program intentionally uncomplicated.  In a nutshell, If you bring another real estate agent to eXp Realty, you receive a percentage of their gross commission. It is like a referral fee where you are paid a percentage of another realtors commission.  Except it is an ongoing commission!

There is no accountant involved to first determine the net profitability of the office, service center or company for that month or quarter, your monthly revenue share check is based on a percentage of your recruit’s gross commissions. For example, if one of your agents sells a home for $500,000 at a 2.5% commission ($12,500) you will receive 3.5% of the gross commission ($437.50) the following month. Simple math.  

Where it gets a little complicated is that your compensation is seven layers deep.  So if the agent you recruit brings in a recruit (2nd level), you get a percentage of that 2nd level's production.  And so on for 7 levels.  eXponential.